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Regular Monthly Meeting
Apr 26, 2010


Regular Monthly Meeting

April 26, 2010 - 6:30 PM

The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 6:33 PM by Village President Jeff Wagner with Laurel Finger, Randy Roberts and Lorrie Hartman present. Ed Wolff was excused.

Minutes - The minutes of the March 22 and April 12, 2010 meetings had previously been provided to board members. Motion by Laurel/Randy to approve. Motion carried.

WWTF Update - Construction is underway and Jeff Montpas of MSA advised that digging will soon begin for the new lift station. There is a question about possible rock where the lift station is to go. Over the previous weekend, the pump kicked out at the new WWTF location and there was a little bit of a problem with water accumulating in the site, but that has been taken care of. Jeff advised that he will take care of getting the building permits for the facility.

USDA Funding - Everything has been done and is in place. Rural Development now needs to provide closing instructions. Upon arrival of the closing instructions, a meeting will be scheduled with Rural Development to do the final paperwork. Jeff Montpas suggested having a second person that can sign the funding requests in the event Jeff Wagner is unavailable. Motion by Lorrie/Randy that Laurel act as the second signature for the funding requests. Motion carried.

Garage Funding - Jeff M. advised that Rural Development has denied additional funding for the garage. He is currently working with Rural to allow the Village to pay for the entire garage with the wastewater funds due to the amount of space that will be needed to house equipment, etc., and due to the due to the cost of what the project came in at. Dodge County has approved the utilities along Highway J. Jeff M. is currently working on the quarterly reporting. All funds expended to date will be included on this report. At the present time, the job creation on this report is going to be very minimal, however, should be much greater in the next quarter. He advised that he has been getting weekly payroll reports from CD Smith.

Televising Sewer Mains Quote - Quotes were received from The Expediters, Inc. and Visu-Sewers Inc. Expediters quoted $1 per foot compared to Visu-Sewer which came in at $1.70 per foot. Jeff M. advised that the laterals can also be televised to determine if there are issues with those. Expediters would charge $250 for this compared to $335 from Visu-Sewers. This would be funded through the loan and grant and has already been authorized by Rural Development since this is considered maintenance and the Village has the authority to hire this work out. Jeff advised that he could possibly use the 2006 and 2008 tapes which show about ½ of the Village. Motion by Laurel/Randy to contract with The Expediters to televise the sewer mains and laterals. Motion carried. Jeff raised the question as to where the waste could be disposed of. Tim indicated that he does have a place for this. Jeff indicated that he is hopeful that this project can be completed in May. Once this report is received, Jeff will put together the report and map for the village along with their recommendations and cost estimates.

Land Splits - The village had received notice from the Dodge County Land Resources and Parks Department that property owners Michael Malicki and Mark and Judy Holl were requesting approval for property land splits. Kris advised that upon checking with the County, the reason the Village received this was because both properties were located within 3 miles of the Village and per Statute; municipalities within that radius must be notified of property splits. The Board had no problems with the splits. Motion by Randy/Laurel to approve the splits as requested and return the form to the county. Motion carried.

Fire Department - Chief John Haase presented bills for payment. Kris addressed financial issues involving the FD budget. She explained the FD has spent approximately $15,000 for the first quarter and has a yearly budget of $39,000 with the Village and Town. She advised that within the last month, she was presented with a request from Eric Howlett on behalf of the FD, that the FD had received a grant from the DNR for equipment in the amount of $5,000, however, these monies needed to be paid upfront within two weeks. After that, the DNR would reimburse the Village and Town for one half of these monies. This grant was not a 2010 budgeted item. John advised that he felt that these grant monies were included in the budget years ago and were just carried forward from year to year and indicated that he had advised the Boards at budget time about the possibilities of grant awards. Kris advised that she was not aware of monies that had been set aside for grant purposes. Jeff Wagner advised that if the monies were not set aside in a specific account, they would not be carried over year to year and would need to be made a part of the budget each year. Kris also advised that the Village does have a procurement resolution which states that items purchased over $1500 must be approved by the Board before purchasing. She also advised that written documentation on grant applications should be provided to the Boards which shows what budget cycle to include it in, what the grant is for, how much it is for, what will be the Village and Town portion and when payment of their share is expected. With this documentation, there would be no questions as to whether it was included in budget monies.

Kris also addressed the Board and Chief Haase regarding a personal credit card bill that Dave DeCono had presented for reimbursement for the purchase of a toner cartridge for the FD printer. Kris advised that Dave had previously been advised both verbally and in writing via email (which documentation was shown) not to make purchases with his private card due to the Fire Chief and FR Coordinator having village credit cards for this type of purchase. Question was raised if this purchase was for a FD or association printer. Discussion held on this issue. Motion by Laurel/Randy to pay this bill however a letter will be sent to the departments stating that effective immediately all personal credit card transactions will cease. Motion carried.

Town Clerk Chris Spilker was present at the meeting and advised that both of these issues will be presented to the Town Board.

First Responders - Coordinator Marty Pint presented bills for payment. Marty advised that the First Responders are getting limited on the number of people that are available as FR's during the day. He asked if the Board would object to his talking to Seneca's Manager to see if anyone from Seneca is interested however, he advised that these people may be from out of the area. He inquired if he gets interested people, would the Board be willing to pay for the classes. Laurel indicated that she thought the policy used to be either worked or lived in the area. Marty indicated that he would like 4 or 5 to consider training. Laurel suggested putting a sign up in the post office. The Village Board tentatively y approved this pending Town Board approval.

First Aid/CPR Class - Laurel asked about a holding a basic First Aid and CPR class for area residents. Marty advised that this could be done and will check into this. Question raised about confined space training for Tim; however, Tim indicated that he does not enter into confined spaces. John suggested that it be documented that Tim doesn't go in confined spaces.

Fire/EMS Association - President Eric Howlett advised that the association had previously paid for the land on Caughlin Road which was used by the FD for training purposes. That parcel is currently under the Village tax number. Eric advised that if this parcel is changed over to the new association ownership, there could be a question as to whether there would be tax on this land. Eric suggested that the land remain in the Village name with the understanding that it can only be used for Fire Department training. If it stays in the current FD name, then it would be covered by village insurance. Consideration will be given to drafting a resolution that in the event the land is sold, prior to sale, the sale has to be agreed upon by the village and town boards as well as a majority of the members of the association.

Dissolution of Previous Fire Association - Eric advised that the old association which was under the village's tax number has now been dissolved and closed out.

Police Report - Chief Chad Enright presented a report for the Board's review. Officer Don Davidson was present in the event the Board had any questions.

Switching from Verizon to Charter Phone Service - Kris advised that the Verizon phone bill for the Village currently runs about $500 per month plus $150/month for internet from Charter. Kris had requested a quote from Charter for phone service and was advised that the cost would be approximately half the price which would include internet service. She advised that she has spoken with Charter customers who were happy with the service. Questions were raised as to whether this would include the alarm lines and the Board was advised that these would be included. Discussion was held as to whether there would be service in the event the cable went out. Motion by Laurel/Lorrie to change the phone system from Verizon to Charter. Motion carried.

Concession Stand Cooler and Soda Machine - Kris advised that prior to purchasing a new cooler, she had called the 7-Up Distributor in Watertown and also spoke with a Pepsi Distributor in Madison regarding possibly getting one for the Park Concession Stand after she had previously written to both and received no response. The 7-Up Distributor advised that they would be willing to provide a cooler for free but in return asked about the possibility of placing a soda machine on government property. The Pepsi Distributor indicated that they would be willing to provide a cooler however, all products would need to be purchased from the Madison facility and it was felt that there were not enough products used to justify that. The Board felt that the availability of a soda machine was a good idea and discussion was held as to where to place it. It was agreed that the machine should be placed around the Village Hall. Motion by Laurel/Randy that the Village approve the soda machine and cooler from Seven Up and that the soda machine go in the vicinity of the village hall wherever 7-Up deems the most appropriate place to house it. Motion carried.

Line of Credit - Kris advised that Seneca would like to receive their credit back. Discussion was held regarding taking out a revolving line of credit for the utility and making monthly payments to pay down this account every month. Motion by Randy/Laurel to approve establishing a $75,000 to $100,000 revolving line of credit for the utility. Motion carried.

Citizen Comment - None

Tim advised the Board that he expects the 8 inch meter to be installed at Seneca during the next couple of weeks. He also indicated that Gil Hantzsch of MSA suggested that Tim visit Merrimac's Utility System to see how it works since theirs is similar to how the Village's will be. With regard to taking the state test to operate the treatment system, after speaking with Gil, Tim would like to wait until our system is up and running to see how it operates and therefore, since he has a year after the system goes on line to complete the test, would like to wait until May, 2011, before completing the test.

Invoices and Payment of Bills - Motion by Laurel/Lorrie to approve the invoices and payment of bills. Motion carried.

Next Meeting - Jeff advised that he would be unable to make the May 24 meeting and requested moving the meeting date to May 17 at 6:30. The Board agreed to move the meeting to May 17 at 6:30 PM.

Motion by Laurel/Lorrie to adjourn. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted:

Kris Kohlhoff


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