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Dec 10, 2018



December 10, 2018 – 6:00 PM

The regular monthly Board meeting was called to order by President Marty Pint at 6:00PM with Trustees Beth Baehmann, Mike Zwieg and Amanda Swanson present.  Also present was Ordinance Office Kelly Cotter, Village Attorney Katherine Koepsell and a number of citizens were in attendance.

The Pledge of Allegiance was said.

The meeting agenda was posted at the Post Office, The Village of Clyman website, the Clyman Village Hall, and the Clyman Lion’s Hall.

Citizen Comment

  • Laurel Finger had several question concerning the proposed budget:  she questioned why the Board Salary and Attorney fees were going up so much from last year.  The Board responded they did not get a raise for 2019 the numbers are a more accurate account of what we estimate for meetings and current salaries.  Attorney fees were raised based off of estimated spend for 2018. She also questioned why  the estimated spend for  the  Village hall electric,  and estimated spend for line items Repair & maintenance  and contingency fund under the garage was so much higher than budget for 2018. We did have to pay for the new Village truck and the dump truck was rusting and needed to be painted.  Laurel also commented that she was disappointed with the Board because she has requested at previous meetings that the budget for the park be increased and she sees that it was not increased for the proposed budget.
  • Dan Finger commented that we should take a look at the other buildings that the Village owns and do regular maintenance on them, they are starting to deteriorate. 

Budget -   Connie pointed out that the line item for the Fire Department Salary should not have had the extra $300.00 added to it.   At the joint Village and Town meeting it was approved to spend $4000.00 for the Salary section on the budget.  It was recommended to put that $300.00 into the Streets.   A motion was made by Beth/Amanda to change the line item for the Fire Department salary to be set at $4000.00 and the Street Repair/Maintenance total would be $110,588.00. Motion carried.  A motion was made by Beth/Mike to approve resolution 2018-003, 2019 Local tax levy. Motion carried.  A motion was made by Beth/Amanda to accept resolution 2018-002, 2019 Salary Schedule. Motion carried.   A motion by Amanda/Beth to approve the 2019 proposed budget. Motion carried.

Ordinance Officer Report – There were no question on the reportKelly said that she attached two letters to the reports that she wanted the Board to review; they are samples of what she wants to send out for grass mowing/yard upkeep and would also be used for snow removal.    Beth asked if we contact the landlords, and that we should contact them as well when there are issues.

The Hardware Store nudity complaint -   What we have to do anytime a law enforcement officer or a citizen brings in a complaint saying there was a nudity violation, we have to determine if we think that this is a reasonable complaint.   The context of the letter Connie received from Sherriff Dale Schmidt dated October 31, 2018 talks about 2 separate instances of nudity observed at the Hardware Store.   The next correspondence was dated November 12, 2018 with another account of nudity observed at the Hardware store by an officer. Katherine advised that the board has to do their due diligence and investigate and determine if they think there has been a nude dancing violation.  In this case with the report coming from the Sherriff’s office and is taken from sheriffs and deputy’s reports, it is pretty credible.  This may not always be the case, when a complaint comes in the board needs to make sure that they have an open discussion on whether they think it is a credible complaint.  If they find it to be credible then we follow the terms of the Settlement agreement.

Katherine advised that we have already given The Hardware Store notification that these complaints have come in.  If the Board decides that these complaints are in material breach of the settlement agreement, then we notify the Hardware Store that we believe they have breached the settlement agreement.  A motion was made by Amanda/Mike to proceed and declare that 942 Main St Inc. was in breach of the Settlement agreement that the violations alleged on April 27, 2018, September 20, 2018 and November 2, 2018 constitute a material breach of the Settlement agreement dated December 20, 2004.  Motion carried.

Katherine will proceed by informing 942 Main St. in writing that we believe they are in breach of the agreement, she will ask them to contact her immediately so that we can talk about the selection of an arbitrator.  

Alcohol Control Ordinance - A motion by Beth/Amanda to accept the Alcohol Control Ordinance with the corrections Katherine made.  Motion carried.   This needs to be published as a class 1 notice.  Katherine will check to see if we can print a summary or if the entire ordinance needs to be published.

Citizen Comments -Father Michael Erwin wanted to commend the Board on moving forward with the Alcohol Control Ordinance.

Minutes- Minutes from the previous meeting had been provided to the Board members.  Motion byBeth/Mike to approve the minutes from the October 29, 2018 regular monthly Board meeting as presented.  Motion carried.  Motion by Beth/ Amanda to approve the minutes from the November 12, 2018 special budget meeting as presented. Motion carried.

Resolution for Election workers-   With Jackie moving and not available to work elections we needed to find someone to work at elections.  Robin Pietrowski and Della Olson are willing to work as election workers. We will need to amend Resolution # 2017-006, Naming Election Officials for 2018-2019.   A motion by Mike/Amanda to approve Resolution #2018-004, Resolution to amend election officials for 2018-2019. Motion carried.

Garbage/ recycling contract -   Motion by Beth/ Mike to stay with the City of Watertown for our garbage and recycling. Motion carried.

Commercial Electrical Inspections – Motion by Beth/ Amanda to continue using GEC as our electrical inspectors.  Motion carried.

Open Trustee Position- Motion by Beth/Mike to have Connie post a notice that we are taking letters of interest for the open Village Trustee position; letters should be submitted to the clerks’ office by December 31, 2018. Motion carried.

Fire Department Report- There was no questions on the Fire Department reports.

Delinquent utility account Report- The report was previously provided to the Board there were no questions on the report.

Caucus - Motion by Beth/Amanda to hold the Caucus on January 14, 2019 at 6:00pm, with the regular monthly Board meeting right after the Caucus meeting. Motion carried.

DNR Response – We received the response from theDNR for the Compliance Maintenance Annual Report.  Scores and comments were good.  The plant appears to be running well. Plant personnel are doing a great job.

Beth brought up the fact that the laptops for utilities are old and need updates.  We can get new laptops for $1000.00 this would include all the software, data and the transfer of information.  A motion was made by Beth/Amanda to purchase two new laptops for the waste water this would come out of the Utility fund. Motion carried.

Old Bleachers -   A motion was made by Beth/Mike to go forward with the disposal of the old bleachers since the Clyman canners purchased new ones and let the resident who wanted to get rid of them get rid of them for us. Motion carried.

Personnel Hours - Report was previously provided to the board, there were no questions on the report.

Budget Report – No questions on the report

 Payment of Bills and unpaid invoices- Motion by Beth/Mike to pay the bills. Motion carried

Next Meeting –January 14, 2019 following the Caucus meeting at 6:00pm.

Motion by Beth/Amanda to adjourn.  Motion carried

Meeting adjourned at 7:24 pm

                                                                                                   Connie Kreitzman

                                                                                                   Village of Clyman Clerk/Treasurer

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