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June Plan
Dec 11, 2010
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Village of Clyman Comprehensive Plan Meeting

June 25, 2009 - 6:30 PM

Attendees: Town Supervisor Nancy Schlender, Town Chairman Dave Blank, Village Trustee Lorrie Hartman, Aaron Klink, Clay Tollefson, Linda Knapp, Charlotte Johnson, Jackie Tollefson, Milton Kuenzi, Joe Roberts, Jerome Keck, Laurel Finger, Village Trustee Randy Roberts, Cindy Roberts, Steve West, Mike Nehls, and Peter Von Rueden.

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 PM by Chairman Laurel Finger, with members Milton Kuenzi, Joe Roberts, and Jackie Hartman-Tollefson present. This meeting was a public hearing regarding the comprehensive plan for the Village of Clyman. Laurel introduced Rob Roth from General Engineering who is preparing the plan for the Village.

Rob went through the idea of comprehensive planning and how the state is mandating this for communities. He explained the penalties that the village would experience should they fail to do comprehensive planning. Should a zoning challenge come up, without comprehensive planning the village would probably lose and the county zoning would prevail. Part of this plan requires public participation. All meetings are open to the public and this meeting is part of what is required of the plan.

The village is trying to get a plan that makes sense and can be used in the future. The statutes call for 9 elements in preparing this plan. Rob went through the 9 elements. Rob explained that this meeting will not be diving into the treatment facility plan.

Introductions of the committee were made.

Rob explained that this plan will involve a 20 year planning period for the village and asked attendees to express their opinions, whether good or bad.

Challenges and Opportunities:

Greatest Assets to Living in the Village - Small town feel is a good thing. Town Supervisor Nancy Schlender stated that they have been advised at seminars that small communities will be merging. She questioned what the village boundaries are and asked about the village annexing property from the town. She was advised that when the village annexed the most recent property, the property owners actually approached the Village and asked to be annexed to the village. Nancy suggested that there be more communication from the village to help with the town's plan that they are also preparing. Rob advised that there will be an intergovernmental meeting in the future. She felt that they need to know what the village is doing and that communication is a key issue. Mention was made that one resident was drawn to the village because of the smallness, no stores, etc. Milton went through the history of what used to be in Clyman. Rob did not feel that we would see any wide variation during this planning period.

Items that are unique - Seneca or Aunt Nellies, many people know those names and associate them with Clyman. Many people don't know that Clyman exists. People anticipate that this may be a sleeper community, especially when Highway 26 becomes 4 lanes.

Preservation - It was felt the small town atmosphere should remain. Everybody cares about everybody in a small community. In a larger community you don't get that. Discussion held on the rail access used by Seneca. On average there are about 2-3 cars a week that Seneca uses.

Challenges - There is a challenge with bringing in new families and getting business here. Again the 4 lane highway will probably make a difference. Rail access will be another challenge.

Existing Identity - Things the village can build on would be the churches as they are doing outreach programs. There is room to grow here.

Quality of LIfe - There is a close proximity to schools, transportation, access to parks, and proximity to larger communities. There is also a local fire department and first responders unit.

Future - It was felt the village needs to be open-minded and be very cautious with expansion. Senior housing would be a good future consideration given the baby boomer generation. Keep the sense of pride that remains in the community.

Downtown looks in 20 years - It was felt that any future development will happen near Highway 26 and that basically the downtown would remain the same. It was felt that the community probably could not use another tavern.


Water - There are some problem areas within the village.

Cable - There seems to be a problem with transmission since the digital transition.

Phone - It was felt that this service could be improved.

It was felt that the Fire Department, First Responders and Police should be commended for what they do.

Snow plowing on the county roads is poor.

Sidewalks - It was felt that a sidewalk would be good from Collins to Main Street.

Park - It was felt that the village does have a nice park.

Single Family Housing - There are some houses for sale as well as a couple lots available. The condos are also available for sale.

Discussion held on promoting growth within the village. The village needs to be flexible and ready to promote business. Some felt we should work with the town on this matter.

This session will be part of the comprehensive plan. Rob indicated that the village will also be sending out a survey to see what other members of the community think.

Motion by Milton/Joe to adjourn. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 8:10 PM.

Respectfully submitted:

Kris Kohlhoff, Clerk

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