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Village Caucus & Regular Board Meeting
Jan 15, 2018




JANUARY 15, 2018 – 6:00 PM

The 2018 Village of Clyman Caucus was called to order at 6:00PM by President Mike Siegel with Trustees Marty Pint, Beth Baehmann, Amanda Swanson, and Jackie Tollefson present

Also present were Utility Superintendent Tim Dornfeld, Gordon Keach, Gary Baehmann, Craig Kragenbrink, Dan and Laurel finger.

The Pledge of Allegiance was said.

Nominations for Village Trustee - Trustee terms for Marty Pint and Beth Baehmann are up. Gary Baehmann/Marty Pint nominated Beth Baehmann. Gary Baehmann/Gordon Keach nominated Marty Pint. Mike called for nominations three more times, there being none, nominations were closed.

Motion by Amanda/Jackie to adjourn the 2018 Village of Clyman Caucus. Motion carried. The Village of Clyman Caucus was adjourned.

The Village of Clyman Regular Monthly Meeting was Called to Order at 6:03 PM.

Regular Monthly Board Meeting- The Village of Clyman Regular Monthly Board Meeting was called to order at 6:03 Pm by President Mike Siegel with Trustees Marty Pint, Beth Baehmann, Amanda Swanson, and Jackie Tollefson present.

Also present were Utility Superintendent Tim Dornfeld, Craig Kragenbrink, and Laurel finger. Ordinance Officer Kelly Cotter came late.

Minutes- The Minutes of the previous meeting had been provided to the Board Members. Jackie pointed out a type-o under the Superintendent Comments section; Connie will correct the type-o. Motion by Marty / Amanda to approve the minutes with the type-o corrected.

Fire Department/Emergency Medical Responder Report- Fire Chief Eric Howlett was not present. The Board had no questions on the report submitted.

Ordinance Officer Report- Discussion held on following up on written citations. Kelly advised that the Village is not set up on the court calendar. Most agencies have a certain date a month that they are set up so if they issue a ticket they are automatically on the court calendar on their assigned date, we are not set up for this. Someone from the board will need to talk to Lynn Hron to get us set up on the courts calendar. Mike will call Lynn Hron and get this set up. We will also need to talk to the Village Attorney, if anyone litigates their ticket we would need to have the Village Attorney involved. Once all of this is set up with Dodge County then Kelly can start issuing tickets. There was also discussion on the bond amounts and the dollar amount the tickets are issued for. We will need to contact the Village Attorney and find out our options on the bond amounts and ticket amounts. Amanda asked about shoveling after snowfalls, she advised that after the last snowfall when you drove around town there were several sidewalks not shoveled. Kelly said she took a phone call today regarding shoveling. Technically you have 24 hours after the snow stops falling to get your sidewalks shoveled. We will have to monitor this and citations will be issued if necessary. Tim asked Kelly and the Board what they would like to do regarding parking tickets incurred as a result of snow plowing. We don’t have any way to track who the tickets are written to because we only have license plate numbers. Kelly and the Board agreed that Tim should continue to issue tickets. We will talk to the Village Attorney to determine how to handle unpaid tickets. Kelly also advised that she took a complaint regarding people living in the old town hall and that they had dogs there as well. Kelly will need to look into this further.

Discussion and possible action on Operator’s License- Vannessa Staude applied for an operator’s license this is a new license. Motion made by Beth/Jackie to grant Vannessa Staude an operator’s license. Motion carried. We also have an application for Michael Miller he is licensed in Juneau, but this would be a new license for Clyman. Motion by Beth/Marty to grant the operators license for Michael Miller. Motion carried.

Discussion and possible action on insurance renewal- The reports were previously given to the Board for review. Questions regarding what our premiums would be if we increase the percent insured to the value. The Board also requested to get a quote for 4 million for liability, and to ask what other municipalities our size has for liability. And to ask if Carol knows if there is a State statute concerning a cap for the liability that someone can sue a municipality for. Connie will contact Carol regarding the requested information.

Delinquent Utility Bills- Connie apologized she did not have the report for the board to review this month.

Discussion and possible action on Village Hall Office Hours- Connie requested to change the Village Hall hours to 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM. Motion was made by Amanda/Jackie to change the Village Hall hours to 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM. Motion carried.

Superintendent comments

A. Marsh tree situation- Amanda asked what if they don’t take the tree down and it backs up again, who is responsible for it? If it is in the main we would be accountable to keep the main cleaned out, and they would be responsible for their lateral and any clean up if it backs up into their basement.

B. Truck – Information was provided to the board regarding the Lemon Law. The truck has been taken in at least 4 times to be fixed and it still is not fixed. The Board thinks that the truck meets the criteria to qualify as a lemon. We need to go to the dealer with the work orders and say we want to call this a lemon and see what their response is. So far they have been treating it as a warranty issue. Mike said he will talk to the dealership.

C. Chloride report – Tim wanted to give the Board some information about the report. The DNR requires an annual chloride progress report which indicates which chloride source reduction measures or activities have been implemented from our Source Reduction Plan submitted in April of 2016. Items on the plan that were marked to be done in 2017 have been completed. Tim and Connie will work on completing the report and submitting it to the DNR in the appropriate time frame. If we exceed our interim limitation of 650 mg/L we could potentially get penalized and or forced to put a chloride removal system in the plant, this could be a large cost for the Village. Our levels for last month were in the 500’s. The reason Tim brought this up is that there are factors that contribute to the levels of chloride that are out of our control, like salt that is put on the roads in the winter. Tim talked to the county and they said they put down 20 thousand ton of salt a season. Tim also did an average for the state of Wisconsin figuring it at 15 thousand ton per county (72 counties) that would be an average of 1million 80 thousand ton of salt on our roads in a season. Tim suggested to the board that they could consider sending a letter or email to our representatives concerning this.

Citizen comment – Laurel read the following statement she wrote:

On December 7th, unbenounced to him, my husband Dan was honored with the Fire Chief’s award at the annual get together. He was not in attendance to hear the accolades given to him by Chief Howllett as he doesn’t feel comfortable being in a social setting with some of the people sitting at the front table. At the September 25th Village Board Meeting Village President Mike Siegel threatened to punch Dan in the face. You can find this in the minutes of that board meeting. There are two people sitting at the table who have requested that Dan be removed from his position as a Fire Officer, not because of something he did, simply because they don’t agree with his philosophy on some things. In the last number of years, it has been getting more and more difficult to find people to serve as both fire fighters and first responders. Dan has been giving up of his free time to do this for almost 40 years serving in many capacities including this morning receiving extra training in how to respond in a tactical situation. Through the years he has answered the call for either medical or fire emergencies for almost everyone sitting at your table, or your families. When board members and employees try to intimidate our public servants it not only hurts them but all our citizens and negatively affects the public wellbeing. I am asking the other board members to speak out against this public outrage and to encourage and support our public servants. If you don’t then you are part of the problem and someday when you need to call 911 there may be no one to respond.

Correspondence- 2017 year in review from Grota Appraisals LLC.

Personnel- Amanda asked if the vacation was because of the end of the year payout. Tim said using up my vacation.

Invoices- Motion by Beth/Amanda to pay the bills and invoices as presented. Motion carried.

Next Meeting Date- The next regular meeting date is February 26, 2018 6:00pm.

Motion by Marty/Amanda to adjourn. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 7:10 PM.

Respectfully submitted

Connie Kreitzman


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